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About Our Food

Our mission is to bring the food of Japan to you. So whilst we are specialised in sashimi and sushi, they are only a part of what we offer. As more and more people are discovering, the taste of Japanese food is not limited to just sushi, but also hot and cold tapas like portions. We sell popular japanese mains like noodles or rice that are fried or comes with soup.

Sakura is the ideal place for sharing great food and drinks with friends and family.


All the raw fish that we use are professionally frozen before selling. This makes it as safe to eat as cooked food. We have been serving pregnant ladies since we open and we now have those same children eating our sushi.


We have a good selection of vegetarian food but unfortunately a limited amount for the Vegan diet. Please phone for more details.


We have some gluten free food for those with gluten intolerance, including sushi (we can provide gluten free soy sauce), stir fry dishes and buckwheat soup noodles. We only have one dish with cashew nuts, so most menu items are safe for people with nut allergies.

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